Production and Logistics

Productivity Opportunities

MLS-Managed Labor Solutions offers clients the opportunity to increase productivity by reducing waste, minimizing failures (increasing yield), and in many cases, reducing the cost per labor hour. The cutting has been done!

Many of our customers have already gone through the task of reducing headcount, stabilizing labor increases, and modifying or enhancing equipment. Many times this is not enough. MLS provides additional cost savings via an insourced labor program.

By providing the labor on the line, supervision and management, the human resource, training, and safety functions, MLS delivers a more productive labor force, with reduced turnover in a safe workplace environment. Our customers can redirect their efforts to those value add functions necessary to remain competitive.

A key component of our program is the engineering brought to the workplace. That is, using our Industrial Engineering assets, MLS utilizes LEAN manufacturing principles and elements of the Six Sigma process to:

Recruiting to Output all areas in-Between &

Deliver a finished unit

When you hear the term “On-Site Management”, from your contractors, normally it refers to an individual who is responsible for insuring headcount. Training, supervision, and performance measurement do not fall under this individual’s job description. At MLS, we own the entire process from recruiting to output and all areas in between, transaction-based or per unit based contracting. At MLS, we can guarantee output based on a predetermined price. That is, given the responsibility of one or more manufacturing cells, we can deliver a finished unit at a specific agreed-upon cost. Your costs become predictable and will follow your manufacturing peaks and valleys.

Typical “insourced” positions include the noncore but critical positions so necessary to the manufacturing process. These included but are not limited to: